Ready To Find Your Dream Home?


Finding and purchasing a place to call home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime!
It typically starts with a search online. But who will look out for you when you are ready to make the offer and how will you know if you are paying the best possible price for your new home?

This is where our knowledge and experience pays off for YOU!
With a successful track record of matching buyers with properties, extensive market expertise and the ability to negotiate the best price, terms and conditions to protect our buyers -  you can count on us to get you into your dream home!


We have a network of lenders and mortgage brokers that can assist you in getting the best rates and program to stretch your hard earned money. 


We recommend Home Inspectors to do a thorough investigation to ensure that your home will provide you with a safe and comfortable space for you and your loved ones.


Having professional and personal experience in Interior Design, renovating and building homes, Zahra is able to help you see beyond the 4 walls of a home and can help you add your personal touches to your new home. 

We have a network of service providers and contractors that can help you bring your vision to fruition!


We have personal experience as Real Estate investors and see it as a great vehicle for cash flow OR future value, depending on your goals. If this is something that may interest you, let's discuss your goals and look at options that might get you there.
We also partner with a Property Management Company that provides full service care for your investment so that you can have passive income while focusing on other things that are important to YOU!



1. Qualify for a mortgage with your Bank or a Trusted Mortgage Broker

2. Assess your wants and needs for your new home. Be as specific as you like. Consider neighborhoods, proximity to your favorite amenities, work/schools, transit etc. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, attached/detached garage, finished or unfinished basement, desired square footage, lot size etc. 
We will keep you up to date with the latest technology and share new listings that meet your wants and needs as well as in-time sales data so that you are continuously aware of what other similar homes are successfully selling for.

3. Tour homes - finally - the fun part! Once you are able to narrow down the homes that meet your criteria, we will schedule tours to see these homes, either in person - or virtually - whichever suits you best.

4. Found your Dream Home? Now it's time to make an offer! Together, we will determine the best strategy to get your offer accepted by the seller, at the best price and with terms and conditions that will best protect you. Communication is key in every step of the process, but even more so while we negotiate the offer.

5. The Deposit. Once the offer is accepted, you will need to prepare a Bank Draft for the agreed upon deposit amount. This deposit will be held in a trust account. If you do not go through with the purchase within the condition period, this deposit is fully refundable back to you. Once you are committed to moving forward with your Dream Home, this deposit will be used towards your purchase on possession day.

6. Condition Period. If you have conditions on your offer, they will likely include a Home Inspection, Financing and if its a condo, a Review of Condominium Documents. During this period, we will make sure all of your due diligence is completed and that you are happy with the outcome. If you are - you will waive the conditions and you will have made a legally binding commitment to purchase your new home!

7. Preparing for Possession Day! We will ensure that the documents for your purchase are sent to your lawyer and mortgage broker/bank. They will likely set up meetings with you prior to possession to sign documents prior to sending your information to Land Title to make the home officially yours! While you are packing and planning our move, remember to book a mover, get insurance in place and book your services with your utility providers (internet, gas, water, electricity).

8. CONGRATULATIONS - It's Move-In Day! Today is the day we will hand you the keys to your new home. We will meet at the property the day prior to possession to do a thorough walk through. Once we assess that the home is in the same condition as we saw it in when you decided to purchase the home, we will notify your lawyer. On possession day, your lawyer will transfer the funds to the seller's lawyer, the title will be transferred to your name and we will have permission to hand you the keys to your new home!!

9. Follow-Up. We take pride in our relationship with you and are grateful for your trust in us. We will ALWAYS be a resource for you, whether you are looking for a plumber, want to know what your neighbor's house sold for or want to find out about the new LRT line going into your neighborhood - call us anytime! 

10. Referrals. Our best source of business is your referrals.  When you refer a new client to us, you become part of our referral program for life!
In turn, we want to be a resource for your family and friends. Ask them to follow us on instagram and facebook for weekly home selling tips, home buying tips and random real estate related topics!

Thank you for your business! We look forward to working with you!